The Autonomous Playhouse
FNB Activists issue warning about FNB Free Skool.

It is with great regret that the autonomous playhouse, the FNB puppet collective, rescinds any past endorsement or recommendation for contributing to the FNB free Skool of Taos, nm. The primary reason for this matter is the Free Skool, run by Keith McHenry, engaging in a consistent pattern of summary eviction as well as the removal, disposal and theft of personal property of some of those who have stayed at the free Skool in 2012 & 2013. In fact, to date 8(!) ap puppetistas past and present have been treated extremely poorly, had their contributions accepted and then wholly denied, and ultimately told to “leave and never come back” over personal, often trival or wholly concocted problems. As FNB activists seeking to end the unilateral displacement of human beings by apathetic property owners, we feel very strongly that these actions do not reflect the values of food not bombs and are in fact a direction contradiction to them. Another direct contradiction is the way that the Free Skool collects and uses donations, which is incredibly opaque, hierarchical, and self-serving.

We must therefore caution anyone who would visit the FNB free Skool that your commitment and contributions to ending homelessness, working on social justice causes, or even in teaching free classes will not in anyway guarantee you from being rendered homeless by The Free Skool as only farm labor and money donations seem to matter to this organization. In closing, after volunteering the better part of 2 years of our lives to the FNB Free Skool, we have found it to be, at its core, hierarchal, autocratic, capitalistic, and entirely lacking in political or even educational content. 


Halloween Extravaganza Really Really Free Market
by Nik and Noah

October 30, 2013, Fort Lauderdale— Food Not Bombs held a Really Really Free Market (RRFM) in Stranahan Park with the festive theme of Halloween encompassing it. Much like the RRFM of September, the “Halloween Extravaganza” Free Market offered a free meal, free clothing, free books and toys, and free hygiene products. The October RRFM also boasted free face-painting, free costumes and a football game.

The pavilion behind the Woman’s Club was very much alive today. Music played, bellies were filled, and an array of clothing scattered the floor as people searched for their new favorite items. In the field beyond the pavilion, a football was tossed back and forth until it became an actual game. Halloween decorations were hung, faces were painted, and Silly String wars were waged.

The core purpose of the RRFM is to reveal the inefficiencies and dullness of financial capitalism. Marketplaces have a tendency to place value and worth on big spenders, instead of the content of one’s character. Members of Food Not Bombs believe that creating such a curious atmosphere full of entirely free services helps everybody feel more respected by one another. In times like these, solidarity is the greatest insurance against class injustice.

During the festivities, a young journalist interviewed several homeless individuals in order to collect stories of their experiences in South Florida.

While Food Not Bombs Fort Lauderdale will continue to share food under the same pavilion every Thursday, there is no doubt that the Really Really Free Market will continue as a monthly event.

There is still a call-out for hygiene products and clothing. 


Food Not Bombs Fort Lauderdale Rekindles the Really Really Free Market at Stranahan Park
by Noah

Stranahan Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL— Living in Fort Lauderdale, it is not uncommon to pass downtown’s Stranahan Park and see local groups providing meals to hungry and homeless people. However, the network of varying and independent groups don’t appear all the time. Throughout the week there are the occasional whispers of what is called, ‘Hungry Wednesdays’, in which there is a shortage of volunteer outreach to those occupying the park.

The infamous ‘Hungry Wednesdays’ have had Food Not Bombs (FNB) volunteers shaking their heads for a few months now. That is, until earlier today when activists set up a Really Really Free Market in Stranahan Park. 

The Really Really Free Market (RRFM) aims to counteract capitalism by building a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another, and improving the collective lives of all. Such concepts as the RRFM originally flourished amongst students and direct action groups in the 1960’s. Categorized as communitarian-anarchist, elements of the original free stores and freegan movement eventually evolved into what we know today as the Really Really Free Market (one of the first ever occurred in Miami in 2003). 

FNB volunteers have been bringing these radical notions of communitarianism to areas in Broward county for more than seven years since the summer of 2013 and yet only around a dozen RRFM’s have been organized in that time frame. It should be noted that today’s Really Really Free Market was endorsed by local groups, receiving support from members of both The Unitarian Universalist Church of Ft Lauderdale and The Autonomous Playhouse. 

"I think it’s really nice, I’m sorry that other people don’t do the same thing," said Noralee, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church.

An AuTOONomous Playhouse comic. Enjoy!

the infographic all food not bombers should carry in their pockets…food waste in america

the infographic all food not bombers should carry in their pockets…food waste in america

We could end homelessness with the money america spends this year on christmas decorations….

We could end homelessness with the money america spends this year on christmas decorations….

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